Date: Fri 01 Feb 2019

Behind the WPWL - Ian Owen

In the third part of our series in conjunction with League sponsor Orchard, we feature Ian Owen.

Ian is the dedicated coach of Swansea City Ladies FC, having been with them since 2000 and also working for Swansea City AFC Community Trust as a community coach and most recently as a Youth Engagement Manager.

The last year has been an eventful one for Ian, having worked in conjunction with organisations such as FA Wales, FAW Trust, Welsh Premier Women’s League, Mid and West Fire Service, South Wales Police, local authorities and grass roots sports clubs (to name a few).

This involved everything from football, netball, basketball, hockey, trampolining, skateboarding to tenpin bowling. Whilst working with the trust, they held educations workshops around crimes and consequences, including WCADA sessions around drug and alcohol abuse.

Since Ian started working with Swansea City Ladies coaching the senior team, he has developed many young players into international representatives, as well as creating a safe, education, nurturing and respectful environment for young women who wish to fulfil their ambitions. Many of those in the current team have been in the team for over 10 years which is a true testament to Ian and his coaching.

Alongside all of this hard work that Ian puts in to coaching the Senior Ladies, he also provides young female players with weekly sessions at both schools and youth clubs, and has also set up a development centre for promising female footballers within age groups varying from under 10 to 16.

Women’s football is very important to Ian, as he believes it provides opportunities to create friendships as well as keeping fit and healthy. It also provides plenty of opportunity to progress in the Ladies game from grassroots to professional.

Speaking on the development of Women’s Football, Ian said, “It’s taken a long time to get ladies football where it is today. It's amazing to see teams like Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea that recognize and support the women’s game. In the future it would be nice to see an even bigger push to advertise, develop and financially support women’s football.”

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